Why do we procrastinate?

Why do we procrastinate? Source : Google photo Synopsis : Some people cannot make up their mind on anything quickly so they procrastinate because they always seek the easy way out of their conundrums. This blog analyses the reasons and a way to break this habit that bedevils so many people. Procrastination is very common…… Continue reading Why do we procrastinate?

Why we make our own demons?

Why we make our own demons?   Source : Google photo Synopsis: The mankind suffers from the demons it creates on its own and passes the blame on a religious book or edict that creates numerous problems like intolerance, blind beliefs and hatred that cause violence against those who are different. If the mankind wants…… Continue reading Why we make our own demons?

India is the rising super power

Source : Google photo of Indian air force Synopsis : Indian defense industry is second to none in the continent and continues to grow to supply the need of the country to defend itself from land, sea or air . At the forefront is the DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organization) that continues to […]

India-the next economic superpower

Source : Google photo of modern India Synopsis : There are strong indications based on the economic growth rate of India that it is well on its way to be the next economic superpower on this planet. The astonishing growth in the industrial output, power generation using renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and […]

Indian space program

Source : Google photo of ISRO launching rockets from Sri Harikota Space center. Synopsis: Indian Space Research organization which is called ISRO in short continues to make history in space science and research that surprises the world that underestimates India’s capability in space and often derides its focus on space when the money could be […]

Why I love India as told by Karolina

Source : Google photo of Karolina Goswami Synopsis : India is a world unto itself .There is always something new and exciting about a vast country like India that the world knows little about . Karolina Goswami , a native of Poland will take you on a tour of India like only she can and…… Continue reading Why I love India as told by Karolina

The legacy of the British Raaj in India

The legacy of the British Raaj in India Source : Google photo of Jalianwala bagh massacre Synopsis : The legacy of the British Raaj in India is a reminder of what price the Indians paid in lives and riches to make England prosper that made India poor and in need of help. Today India has…… Continue reading The legacy of the British Raaj in India