Cultural and religious imperialism

Cultural and religious imperialism Source : Google photo Cultural and religious imperialism is the practice of promoting the culture ,religion and language of one nation in another. It is usually the case that the former is usually a large economically and militarily powerful nation and the latter is smaller and less affluent one. It can… Continue reading Cultural and religious imperialism

Nurturing talent

Nurturing talent Source : Google photo A nine year old very beautiful girl from Holland called Amira Willighagen made such a powerful impression on me yesterday that I can’t get over it and keep asking the question to myself how is it possible for a child to have such mastery over her voice, such control… Continue reading Nurturing talent

Two extraordinary Child prodigies

Two extraordinary child prodigies I published earlier a blog called A child prodigy called Antara from India whom you liked so much. Today I will tell you about two incredible child prodigies who barely need an introduction because they are becoming so famous on their own. I want you to appreciate their talent at such… Continue reading Two extraordinary Child prodigies

Old age deserves respect

Old age deserves respect Source : Google photo I remember a movie I saw in The United States called A man called horse which was about the life of the native Americans and the harsh way they had to adjust to the severe winter and the often scarce availability of food at times. It made… Continue reading Old age deserves respect

Soulless development

Soulless development Source: Google photo There was a time not too long ago when people lived in closer proximity to each other, shared the living space with others, knew their neighbors quite well if not intimately and led a vibrant social life. They met frequently, played cards or other games together or simply hung around… Continue reading Soulless development

A morbid fascination

A morbid fascination: Source : google photo We humans have a morbid fascination about blood and gore that has led to showing of extreme violence and bloodletting on television and in movies. I have seen this whenever there is an accident and someone is seriously injured bleeding to death , people gather around not to… Continue reading A morbid fascination

The effect of mass tourism

The effect of mass tourism Source : Google photo These days you can see the tourism within the country and outside grow remarkably giving rise to the notion of mass tourism. There are group tours that are organized by the tourism department in many countries and there are tours offered by the airlines specially the… Continue reading The effect of mass tourism