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Source : Google photo of the thinking man by Rodin

It is nice to be able to write something about your experience in life and share it with the readers on the net because often it is easier to write and share with strangers your inner feelings than to open up to people you know. The unknown people read your blog and may or may not react to it the way the known people do so it is definitely easier to share with the readers your feelings knowing that you will never get to meet them and get to know them the way you know some people. Also their reactions will not make any difference in your life.

I often ask myself why is it so difficult to talk to people whom you know or think you do and why is it never an easy task ?  The answer may lay in the fact that we have past experiences that are perhaps not pleasant to remember that cloud our judgement and desire to open up. There are no such impediments in talking to strangers who do not know you and can only read what you write.
They are like innocent children whom you tell a story. They react well or not depending on whether they like your story. This is not so with the people you know. They are not innocent and never accept their faults so react negatively if you write about their weaknesses or the way they behaved long ago.

The human brain is an interesting organ . It has billions of memory storing neurons that keep the memory intact in great detail even after a very long time unlike a computer where a memory can be erased from the hard disk easily with a few keystrokes. It is true that in some cases the neurons lose their ability to keep the memory stored and can degenerate into a state that renders a brilliant mind into a less brilliant one that further deteriorates with age. But a healthy brain can keep those memories sharp even in advanced age. I know this because mom was very sharp at the age of 91.She forgot nothing and could recall instantly anything that happened long ago.

But too much memory can be a burden  unless you can unload it from time to time and share it with others so the internet blogs are useful in that sense. One has to remember that the blogs are not a place to write anything that come to mind because the readers are not interested in your mindless,aimless rants about your past bad experiences  and will tell you so in no uncertain terms.
They are more interested in you showing them in what way they can learn something new and inspiring so one should never bore others with their inane and simplistic day to day musings that leave no impression and tell nothing new.

Most people live an ordinary  life no matter where they live. The daily grind of living exacts a toll on anyone anywhere  but more so in poorer countries where the challenges are greater than in more developed world. I have seen this struggle in Africa and Asia where people struggle daily just to survive. They have ugly shanties they call home and live from day to day often going hungry at night
and worry about what to do the next day. I remember how a Kenyan asked for my left over food because he was so hungry or how women begged for money holding up their emaciated babies to make you feel pity for them in Bangladesh.

But an ordinary routine life in the west is different from the ordinary lives elsewhere because people have a very different standard of living and worry about very different things. An American woman at the age of 70 was more interested in her new shade of hair color and wanted to know where she could get it done for less than 150 dollars while her counterpart in Africa thought only of her children and how to feed them on less than a dollar a day and how to protect them from mosquito bites causing malaria because she could not afford a mosquito net.

I have lived in many countries under challenging circumstances and have learned a great deal about how humans cope with their day to day difficulties in getting food, shelter and clothes. Pregnant women in rural Africa till the land to grow food while carrying a baby strapped to their back, walk for many kilometers to find water, fire wood and other necessities and work very very hard everyday to meet the demands of the day. They live in absolute poverty and have no chance to better their lives.Many die of childbirth because they live in isolated remote villages where medical facilities are not available while their counterparts in the west worry about whom to invite for their baby shower.

So there is a great divide and this gap is not about to close any time soon. This is where my experiences in those countries can come in handy in better understanding what the people have to put up with  in their daily routine lives. I often wonder if others who live comfortable lives ever get to understand how most of the world lives so uncomfortably and so miserably.

Then there are difficulties brought about by their illiteracy and lack of access to knowledge .Some religious fanatics take advantage of this situation and tell people that their only choice is in following what they are told to do. An educated person can make up his or her mind about just about anything but not so when people live in darkness of ignorance. But the ignorance is also a product of apathy and not necessarily due to lack of education as I have often seen in India or elsewhere.

I therefore have taken up the task of writing blogs that are informative and to some extent entertaining in which I share my experiences in various countries with a hope that someone somewhere will find it interesting and perhaps learn a thing or two. I had no idea at the beginning that so many people in more than 75 countries will read what I write and make wonderful comments and continue to do so.

What surprised me more was the fact that people in France, Russia and many non-English speaking countries read my blogs in English because perhaps the Google translation in French, Spanish and other languages are not up to the mark.

I was also surprised at the number of readers in Japan and elsewhere so I feel that my effort was quite worthwhile but the most interesting fact that emerged was that my e readers surpass them all in numbers. This printed version will not include my biography which also appears in my as e book in English, Spanish, French and German.

We all shall perish someday so perhaps what we leave behind as words will survive and continue to inform and enlighten people long after I am gone. I have shared my experiences but have also brought to my readers the stories of other people who made an impact on other’s lives. By bringing their stories to you, I have made them immortal. My own contribution is insignificant compared to theirs because I feel that I am just a grain of sand in the beach or a drop in the ocean but the people I wrote about are great and worth reading about.

There is a wall in our college where it is written in big bold letters the following :  Education is to free the nature of man.

But I think I should add that education should free your mind from shackles to let it soar to incredible heights. I hope that my readers will become free of prejudice, ignorance, superstitions, blind beliefs and dogma. I hope that they will all come to realize that we are all brothers and sisters no matter where we live and have the common heritage of mankind that descended from Lucy in the Rift Valley millions of years ago.

This truth alone will make you free of hate and racism. Then I will feel that I have contributed something to make this world a better place in my own small capacity.



May 2017


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