Fallacy of white supremacy

Synopsis : The white supremacists in many countries spread the hate campaign and beat up immigrants from many countries because they push their agenda of supremacy over all other races which is a very outdated idea that the whole world repudiates. I focus on the fallacy and its shameful place in the human history .

Fallacy of white Supremacy


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This is a topic that is in vogue now more than ever and is causing a lot of debate everywhere so I thought of putting my two cent’s worth on the subject not because it may become an obsolete word someday but because it is a very thought provoking subject. Some whites may not agree with me after reading my blog but I hope it will provoke them to think.

The word racism is inherent in many cultures around the world although the whites take most of the blame or the responsibility for it. Perhaps it is in the human nature to look down on others who are not like them and always find an excuse to denigrate them by saying we are better than them. It does not have to be the skin color although it plays a dominant role in the attitude of some people. Often it is something else.

I come from a country where most people have dark skin so those who have fair skin ( they call them wheat complexion) look down on those with dark skin and feel good about it.  It makes them feel superior so they treat dark skinned people with disdain. Now the mountain people and people who come from superior breeding stock have fair skin but they are still considered non white by the white people.

But dark skinned people also look down on others who are not like them and call them names and feel good about it. I have seen this in the Philippines. The jokes about Sikhs in India or others is a manifestation of disdain because they are different and do not play by the rules of the disdainers. It is the same in the United States where the Italians are called names because they put grease in their hair and have a swarthy skin tone that comes from the Mediterranean sun.  There are a lot of jokes about the Polish people or the Irish people that may not have anything to do with their skin color but the disdain shows.

It is after all in the human nature to feel good about self by denigrating others.

I was once visiting an American friend who had a pretty child. Their visitor was an old American white woman who said to me that my children will never have blue eyes like that of the kid. This statement was so shocking that I got tongue tied which does not happen often with me. This old woman was talking about naked racism that she believed in.

I thought about Pearl Bucks stories in China where she wrote about how the Chinese regarded the blue eyes as wild and not pretty but I was not in the mood of discussing her racist comment and let it pass.

I have many white friends who are not racist and are wonderful people so let us not paint all whites with the same brush. Let us assume that the racist are a minority in a country like the United States where education and technology combined has made people of various races work together and even intermarry in some cases that has brought in more comprehension of other people.  The TV and the movies are an example where blacks and whites work together and romance each other without any negative outcome.

Some of the greatest Hollywood stars are black whose self confidence shines in their movies or TV series. Some of the greatest entertainers are blacks or Hispanic who can turn the white audience into frenzy with their songs. White girls were fainting in adoration of Michael Jackson when he performed in Budapest and had to be carried away in stretchers.

Hundreds of thousands showed up to listen to Obama in Germany where they adore him. So the non whites have made progress and are given due recognition by the whites but there is always a minority faction that clings to the idea of White Supremacy and they have voted in a very racist president  who openly supports them.

This has given rise to the hidden and not so hidden sentiments of these people to come out in the open and shout insults at the blacks and Latinos among others and is backed up the KKK people who are opening new chapters everyday somewhere. The white policemen are now more aggressive if that is possible toward anyone of color and ask for IDs in an insulting tone with a hand on their unbuttoned holster.

The store clerks follow the non whites around to see if they will steal anything and tell a black lady like Oprah that the bag she is looking at is too expensive for her so perhaps they can show her something cheaper.

The kids take their cue from their parents so they have started bullying their Asian classmates and people of color and wear swastika bands and give Nazi salute to each other. In Europe this kind of behavior is coming out in the open where the white skinheads beat up African and Asian immigrants who have dark skin therefore not worth any consideration. In Australia Indian students have been beaten up in Melbourne and other places for the same reasons.

This fire of hatred and superiority feeling among some whites was smoldering for a long time but now is catching the flames because the racist president is blowing hard on the flame for his own political agenda. It is all right now for some to say nigger to a black person and treat him unfairly.

I have lived in the United States for a while in California where I had many white friends who were sterling people. I remember how Alison’s blue eyes sparkled with love and friendship who would come at midnight to pick me up and bring me to the bus station when I could have taken a taxi.

I remember Howard who was so nice to me that it was unbelievable. I remember the Cambridge professor and his wife who kept writing to me for years and there are so many others I do not have space for here but they are white and they are wonderful people so the idea that all whites are racist is totally false and it should be repudiated.

Remember that millions of them voted for Obama and made him a two term popular president. I remember the white women in a church in California who invited to me to speak on Vietnam and lovingly listened to me. The racism that we talk about is therefore not as widespread as it is made out to be but it exists in all countries even among people who are not white as I mentioned earlier.

Let us now see the root cause of this phenomenon called white supremacy and why some die hard whites of low education who live in poverty cling to this notion that their skin color makes them superior to anyone else but superior in what sense?

A black woman wrote a beautiful article on this subject that I cannot reproduce here but basically she asked all whites to examine their own conscience and explain why they feel superior to others when their history is full of rape and pillage, of mistreating slaves and promoting their self interest with the use of white policemen who still use force and intimidation to put non whites in their place.

Now we supposedly live in a democracy where everyone is supposed to be equal in their voting rights but the Republicans constantly deny the blacks their voting rights so that they will not vote against them. They do this by asking for the proof of their citizenship when white voters are not asked such things. They put less number of voting machines in predominantly black districts so that many cannot cast their votes even if they wait whole day in line.  They intimidate and threaten non white voters and claim that they are flying voters and vote in different places but cannot back up the voter fraud claim. They put up rigged voting machines where the voter presses one button but the vote shows up under a different name. They discount the absentee voters from overseas by saying their votes were not delivered on time etc.etc.

The white supremacists are a diehard bunch who feel that it is their manifest destiny to rule over others within their borders and even beyond. This feeling of self importance even if they do not deserve it makes them dangerous enough to vote for a total bigot who thrives on fanning this flame of hatred in their heart. They are not the majority but an obsolete voting system called the Electoral College votes gives them the upper hand even if the opposition gets the most number of votes. They lose by three million votes and still win the presidency because of the Electoral College system that no one understands.

The historical reasons behind the claim of white supremacy:

We have seen the rise of apartheid regime in South Africa that was so racist that practically the whole world condemned it and clamored for Mandela to be released. The world mourned the death of Biko in the hands of the brutal police because he was protesting the injustice of apartheid in a peaceful way.

When a white preacher married a beautiful black woman, their child was considered impure although she looked very white and they were outcasts in their all white community. The child could not be admitted to the school because she had some black blood. It finally ended in the suicide of the black lady.

So the question here is why the whites felt that way and still do in some parts of the world?  I think the answer lies in preserving their advantages they had gained in keeping black slaves in the south whom they worked to death making money for them and lived a good life. The same thing happened in South Africa where they stole the land from the Zulus through treachery at first and later by massacres when they brought in the guns.

So people who lived a life of privilege were loath to give it up in the name of equal rights for everyone. They said that some were more equal than others and still do. This ideology that some are more equal than others is now playing out in the heartland of the United States and in Europe where the Nazi salute is once again fashionable.

The whites write the history that shows them in good light and is taught in all the schools. The massacres of Native Americans, forced repatriation to their reservations, betrayals of the treaties, outright   stealing of their land to build homesteads, the denigration of the natives as savages by the missionaries and their forceful conversion to Christianity by the rabble missionaries using the military as their enforcer etc are downplayed in their history book but the massacre of the Little Big Horn is taught to every child black or white.

They omit the part where the Texan rangers massacred the men and women of Mexican descent but emphasize the Alamo so that is what the kids are taught and that is what they know.

They teach that the whites were the scientists and explorers and wrote books of philosophy so even today every college kid has to read Kant and Hegel. Who else is there? They teach that whites were and still are the inventors who have sent people to moon, have broken the records in flying, diving and sailing. The whites have climbed the Everest first ( It was with Tenzing Norgay) so white are the superior race no matter how you look at it or so they claim.

They conveniently omit the mention of non whites who have been scientists and inventors and who have contributed to the uplifting of the human race in a significant way.

The fallacy of this ideology:   

Now I come to the part where the fallacy of this white supremacist ideology will be seen in its proper light and come to some conclusion.

We all know that we all descended from Lucy who was black and lived in the Rift valley millions of years ago and spread to different parts of the world tens of thousands of years ago so basically we are all black under our skin that changes color through evolution and the climate where people live. This is not based on euphemism but scientific fact that we carry the DNA marker in our blood that has been traced from Africa to Europe to Eurasia to Asia to Alaska and on to the Native Americans that tie us all together this way. The facial architecture and hair among other physical traits have evolved through thousands of years of evolution and is still evolving.

Intermixing of Mongol blood from the East with the European can still be found in the features of some from Ural to southern parts of Europe. The Moslems who ruled Spain for centuries until chased out have also left their imprint in the blood of some Spaniards who dislike admitting it.

In the United States just ask any American about his parentage and he will start by saying it is part Irish, part  Apache, part Italian and part some pirate blood of unknown heritage  so they are of mixed blood.

So we see that the term white is somewhat misleading. It is also known that during the period of slavery, not all whites were slave owners because they were dirt poor and often worked as slave hunters for the rich plantation owners who paid them to bring back the slaves who had  escaped. They were called the white trash and disdained by the rich whites.

The slaves have long been emancipated and are now getting education, jobs and vote in large numbers even electing a black president for the first time. But the white poor people  from the heartland of America still believe in segregation and teach their children  that they are better than the people of color although fail to explain how they are better.

The whitewashing of the pillage and abuse of others in their history books does not change the facts because people are not easily fooled.  I think the passage of time will prove that we are all black under our skin.

Bertrand Russell was once asked about his religion and he said he was a humanist. Perhaps we can all learn from him and be a humanist first and embrace everyone as our brothers and sisters. Then perhaps the racism will die out but it will not happen in our lifetime. I am sure of that.


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  1. Thank you. While there is large numbers of poor whites in the US who believe in white supremacy it is not just a belief held by the poor. Plenty of well of whites believe it also. Well done!


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