Fourteen fabulous power points for you

I have put together 14 power points here that include some previously mentioned in blogs but are included here for you to enjoy all of them together .

The power points range from the architecture of Rajasthan to carpet and shawls making and wood carvings. The last ones are on the miniature Mughal paintings that flourished during the Mughal period but has now declined due to lack of patronage.

14 fabulous power points for you

Some incredible power points on various subjects that I reblog again for your viewing pleasure. 

1.Power point on Dilwara Jain temple in Rajasthan, India.

images (1)

This is a power point presentation on The Dilwara Jain temples in Mt. Abu in Rajasthan, India that are world famous and are a world heritage site.



2.Power point on the Havelis of Sekhawati in Rajasthan, India


Link –!AmoX9W4gHulzh0cnrjuqlPoudNbR

This power point shows the magnificent palaces and havelis of Sekhawati in Rajasthan


3.Power point on the Wood carvers of Saharanpur, India, Part one


Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzh0cnrjuqlPoudNbR


4.Power point on the Wood carvers of Saharanpur, India , Part 2


Link – Wood carvers of Saharanpur, India, Part 2


5.Power point on the Beauty of Persian carpets

The delicate designs and craftsmanship of the Persian carpets made of wool are well known .It is an old tradition of excellent  carpet making.


Link –    Beauty of Persian carpets


6.Power point on the beauty of Bhadohi carpets, India

The wool carpets of Bhadohi  are world famous and are presented here in this power point.


Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhzxOhy2WE7CbUlCJ


7.Power point on The beauty of Pashmina shawls of Kashmir, India

The beauty of pashmina woolen shawls  is  shown in this power point

Link  : Pashmina shawls of Kashmir


Link  : Pashmina shawls of Kashmir


8.Power point on Pride and strife of Lucknow embroiders, India. Part one


Link : Pride and strife of Lucknow embroiders  ( Part one )   


9: Power point on Pride and strife of Lucknow embroiders ( Part Two )


Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhzQ3gp48q3KQJacI  ( Part two )


 9.   Power  point on Miniature paintings of the Mughal era in India   (Part One)













Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhyufbkb_8USW7VBve  ( Part one)


10. Power point on miniature paintings of Mughal era  ( Part two)


Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhyTbMzF0a-bLwlaf ( Part two)


11. Power point on the Fabulous treasures of Maharajas in India, (Part one) 


Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhx8VIRxylLa9BSEV( Part one)


12: Power point on Fabulous treasures of Maharajas in India ( Part two  )    


Link : .Fabulous treasures of Maharajas in India  (Part two )


13. Power point on The desert city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan in India


Link : Power point on Jaisalmer , Rajasthan


14. Power point on the stairwells of Rajasthan , India

The  power point on The stairwells of Rajasthan, India highlights the unique nature of these wells built by the kings a long time ago and still in use. They are not found anywhere else in India or other countries.


  Link :!AmoX9W4gHulzhxygdFdXwM1y46-y


These 14 power points have been put together for your viewing pleasures and you may reblog them or share them with any one anytime.



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