Wonderful power points – Part five

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Source : Google photo of Africa wildlife

This is the fifth part in my series of power points showcasing Ancient Egypt, African art and crafts, Wildlife of Africa, Birds of Africa, Tribes of Africa, Treasures of Tutankhamun, Jewelries of Beni Yenni in Algeria  for you to enjoy and share. I will post many more power points here in the future so check it out from time to time. Please feel free to share them with anyone anytime.

1. Ancient Egypt 

2. African art and craft Part one 

3. African art and craft Part two

4. Incredible wild life of Africa

5. Birds of Africa

6. Tribes of Africa Part one

7. Tribes of Africa Part two

8. Tribes of Africa Part three

9. Tutankhamun’s treasures

10. Jewelries of Beni Yenni, Algeria 

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