Wonderful power points- Part six


Source :  Google photo of  Desert city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan India

This is the sixth part of the Wonderful power point series highligting Caves of Ajanta, Ellora, Art of Bengal, Jewelries of Maharajas, Havelis of Sekhawati in Rajasthan, Stairwells of Rajasthan, Silk saris of kanchipuram and Benares and Nalanda that was the second university in the world that will show you India and all its dazzling  facets.

Note : If you wish, you may download all of my power points I have published and will publish more in the future for your own collection that you may share with anyone.

1. Ajanta caves

2. Ellora caves


3. Art and craft of Bengal

4. Fabulous jewelries of Maharajas in India Part one

5. Fabulous jewelries of Maharajas in India Part two

6. Havelis of Sekhawati in Rajasthan

7. Kanchipuram silk saris Part one

8. Kanchipuram silk saris Part two

9. Handloom silk saris of Benares Part one

10. Handloom silk saris of Benares Part two

11. Nalanda-the 2nd university in the world

12. Stairwells of Rajasthan


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