Faith as business

Source : Google photo of faith and business

Synopsis : The business of faith has never been so lucrative as it is now. The blog looks at how some people accumulate vast riches by making people believe that they have an obligation to donate.

We all believe in something or someone. It is called faith. It may be of religious in nature or non-religious but it surely plays a role in everyone’s life that has a strong influence on how he or she lives.

Faith is the bread and butter of all organized religions and they do not tire of reminding the faithful how important it is to have faith in the religions they follow and how it can transform their daily lives.

You will notice that the Christians particularly are obsessed with this insistence on repeating the mantra every day that you must have faith, you must declare your obedience to their dogma and must profess your faith in their doctrine in a very visible manner.

You must kneel down and accept the Holy bread at the end of their ritual and must show obedience as Christians. This sort of insistence is common to all religions because they do not like anyone to question their doctrine. They see it as a threat to their religion if people start questioning the validity of their Holy book and all that it entails.

What in essence they are asking you to do is to have blind faith that should not be questioned and analyzed. Their entire system of promulgating their religion is based on this premise that one must not question what they tell you and accept it as the truth and only truth so help me  … etc.

It worked well for a very long time and still does to a great extent so all religions flourish and get new followers every day to swell their ranks. In the process the purveyors of their religions accumulate vast wealth and properties and continue to do so. They collect money at the end of their service in churches, mosques, temples etc. and they constantly ask for more but they never mention where the money goes and for what purpose it is spent.

There is a temple in Andhra Pradesh, India in the hills that is called Tirupati temple. We have been there. It is a vast complex of temple and other buildings visited by millions of Hindus who donate money to the temple that collects millions of Rupees of it. There we saw a huge canvas bag on a tripod with a big open mouth where the pilgrims keep on pouring money like rain so the huge sac gets filled up and is upended to a special room where scores of people count all the money and make bundles to deposit in their bank. This process never stops so you can imagine how rich the Tirupati temple really is although no one really knows because there is a secrecy that surrounds them.

Then there are numerous other massive temples all over India where the devotees go to pray and some of them donate money as well. But we were warned by our guide not to give our name and address to them because the priests will inevitably ask for it and once they get it, they will hound you with their nonstop demand for money.

One of the richest temples in the entire world is in Kerala that has billions of dollars’ worth of gold, silver, precious gems and coins accumulated over many centuries. It is kept in six secret vaults but the sad part is the fact that this vast accumulated wealth is not really put to any good use to help the poor or the orphans.

It is called the Padmanavaswamy temple in Trivandrum that is called the richest temple of all. They have found over 22 billion dollars’ worth of treasure in five vaults that were opened and catalogued but the last vault has never been opened because people believe that there is a curse on it so whoever opens or even tries to open it will die. The door of this vault has snakes on it that protect the wealth inside.

Source : Google photo of the 6th vault of Padmanavaswamy temple in Kerala that contains untold treasure but believed to be cursed.

It is same story of Vatican that keeps accumulating vast amount of wealth that is shrouded in secrecy so no one really knows how much they have and how much of it they spend on relief to poor and destitute.

So the business of faith is a very lucrative business after all and it is all tax free to boot. It is also a favorite scam of some Indians who pretend to be sadhus or spiritual people who garbed in their saffron clothes and long lice infested matted hairs sit under a tree with a donation box that has a padlock but a slit on top to collect money from the gullible.

These ubiquitous donation boxes with padlock and a slit are a hallmark of these people who collect a lot of money but for what purpose? No one really knows. They say that you must have blind faith and support them to show them that you have unshakable faith.

Source : Google photo of Sripuram golden temple in Vellore that is entirely covered in gold worth millions of dollars.

You will not believe your eyes if you visit the great temple of Sripuram in Vellore in South India where the entire temple complex is covered in gold so it is a great tourist attraction. Naturally there are security cameras to keep an eye on the visitors who may have some bad ideas  but what is impressive is the fact that this much gold was accumulated just from the devotees over the centuries  just to show you how generous they can be to donate so much gold due to their faith.

Source : Google photo of the Golden temple in Amritsar covered in gold

Similarly the most important Sikh temple in Amritsar is called The Golden temple for a reason because the entire temple is covered in gold plates that will blind you with the sun reflecting on it. It is the holiest shrine of the Sikhs where their holy book Granthasahib is kept. The temple feeds thousands of people daily where anyone of any faith or no faith can get a free meal any day throughout the year. This way the temple uses its considerable wealth that makes the Sikhs unique.

So we come back to the eternal question.  What is faith and why some people have so much of it that they give everything they have to these temples or churches or support them so generously?

The faith they demand from their followers is not something people have instantly but it is cultivated and nurtured over their life time and constantly re invigorated through constant sermons and exultations from the pulpits to make you feel guilty if you do not donate because they say that it is your religious duty to do so. The cash cow can give a lot of milk if fed well so they try hard to feed you with words so that you start feeling generous. A lot of people at a certain age start feeling anxious about their place in the netherworld so they start reserving a good place there for themselves which is done through cash donations.

Another way a faith is developed is through a constant pressure from the parents and siblings under the guidance of a parish priest so that a child starts believing them and learns to cross himself automatically.

He is asked to join the catechism classes where the stories of the Bible are repeated so that the kid knows all the stories and starts believing them. Later as an adult he is well trained to fall in step with others and will not be a rebel and question the padres although there are some who come to different conclusions and stay away from the mainstream. So the faith is definitely taught, cultured and watered over a long period until it takes roots and grows into a lifelong belief.

In Islam it is very important for the mullahs to imprint the dictates of Koran on very small children who are often beaten to submission until they rebel no more and become fanatics to cause havoc somewhere as adults. They are taught to hate the infidels in their childhood that becomes their firm belief in their adulthood.

So faith can be used as a tool by the manipulators for their own purpose whatever they may be so we see a proliferation worldwide of faith to serve the purpose of the manipulators of faith. The purpose may be to accumulate enormous wealth that is tax free or to cause bloodshed in the name of their brand of religion. We see this in every continent where the terrorists use religion and their faith in it as the basis for their terror attack on innocent people.

I heard this story somewhere that is worth telling here. The Mormons who felt that they must move west to establish themselves in the United States started their long journey. On the road they met with people who were famished and very thirsty who begged for food and water from them but this help came at a price. The Mormons insisted that they must become Mormons first before they would be given even a drop of water and a morsel of food. These poor people who were desperate and helpless agreed so this way the Mormons grew in numbers.

The same technique was used by the so called saint Mother Theresa in India who converted dying and poor Indians into Christianity and only then she gave them some help like food and water just like the Mormons in the United States. Every Mormon must donate to their church a portion of their annual income, keep a store of food to last a long time and send their children for a mandatory assignment to preach their religion to non-believers.

Almost all the organized religions use faith to accumulate wealth to serve their ulterior motives whatever they may be but others who are not religious in nature do the same.

There are numerous NGOs like Red Cross, Red Crescent and hundreds of others who appeal to people to donate to them because they claim to help the needy with the money. No doubt there are organizations like World Food Program of the UN that feed and shelter millions of poor people who need their help. The UN does a commendable work in many countries to help the poor, the refugees, to save the children from trafficking and numerous other such work but their work is limited by the funds they can raise. They always need more money to do their job and help more people.

But other NGOs like Red Cross are not transparent and do not disclose how their funds are used and where and exactly how many people benefit from their help. To be fair, there are many charitable organizations that help feed the poor, run orphanages and old age homes to look after them. They raise money by appealing to you and me so that we can support their humanitarian work. They are the first to appear with food and blankets when people suffer from famine, flood or earthquakes. They run charitable health clinics to take care of sick and other needy people.

The flying doctors operate free of charge on people needing specialized eye care while other doctors risk their own lives working with Ebola patients. Many such brave doctors and nurses have died with covid infections and still others continued to serve. They are the heroes. All the humanitarian work they do worldwide is not based on their religious faith but their belief in helping others when they need it.

But the blog is about the religious faith and its abuse by some preachers, padres and mullahs who accumulate wealth in the name of religion and try to make the faithful guilty if they do not donate.

We all need to believe in something so we join religious groups, non-religious groups, groups that cater to the needs of particular people, groups that preach violence and racism like the KKK in the United States, etc. The caveat they all have in common is that there is a cost of joining any group. They ask for membership fee, donations for special projects and make many other demands. They are really no different from various political groups who do the same thing.

But to accumulate vast riches in the name of faith and locking it up in underground vaults over centuries like in the temple vault shown in the photo above is greed because this wealth just sits there and does nothing for the devotees and the poor people anywhere.

The business of making money through faith is reprehensible to say the least but who feeds their greed if not you and I?

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Bloody history of Rajasthan

Source : Google photo of Chittorgarh fort in Rajasthan

Synopsis : When people value their honor and self respect more than anything else, they are ready to shed their blood to preserve it. This has been the hallmark of the brave men and women of Rajasthan who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their honor. It made the sands of Rajasthan soaked with their blood. Such is their tragic history.

There is a state in India called Rajasthan that means a place of kings. It was a feudal state where there were numerous kingdoms vying for supremacy over their neighboring kingdoms so they lived in almost constant state of warfare and fear of attack . So they built over 100 forts to protect themselves and their subject . Some of these forts are so massive that will impress you until you are told of their bloody history. That will send a shiver down your spine and you will have goose bumps.

Chittorgarh fort

Source : Google photo of Chittorgarh fort of Rajasthan with its water tank.

Take the massive fort of Chittorgarh as an example where lived a beautiful queen called Padmini who burned herself along with more than a thousand of her female companions by jumping into a massive fire instead of surrendering to the invading sultan of Delhi in the 12th century. It is the most massive fort in India that is named a UNESCO World Heritage site. People will tell you that even today one can hear the shrieks of burning women in the pit during a moonless nights and can hear the jingling of their ankle ornaments going to their painful death. Please read my blog on Queen Padmini here(A legend called Padmini)

There are numerous forts like this with similar horrible stories all over Rajasthan. Most of the forts were built on hill tops from where the sentries could spot the approaching enemies long before their arrival so they developed an ingenious system of flashing a polished metal disc in a rapid fire Morse code that could be read by another fort that would be then aware of the impending danger.

These forts could withstand a long siege by the enemy because they stored food and water for the population sheltering inside. They collected rainwater into a reservoir and had massive granaries and other facilities that could sustain life for months at a time. When they fell, there were tragic consequences. Women committed mass suicide and men fought until the last man fell.

This is the bloody history of Rajasthan called the land of kings. It was a land where people lived the life of uncertain future because they never knew when a war will break out and their sons will be forcibly conscripted to fight it and die. Their women who were pretty lived in fear of being abducted and sold to harems or into slavery that led to prostitution so they preferred to die than to surrender. Young widows who lost their husbands in war self- immolated on the burning pyre of their husbands and left their palm print on the walls of forts .

Some of their palm prints are still visible if you visit these forts but what will surprise you is the size of these palm prints that can only mean one thing. Some of these brave women were very very young and even children.


Source : Google photo of hand prints of women before they self-immolated. The prints are now carved into stone on the walls of the fort.

There is a popular story in Rajasthan somewhere that is so tragic that it is unbelievable. There was a king who went to fight his enemy and took two pigeons with him. If he lost the war he would release the black pigeon and if he won the war, the white pigeon would be released. These pigeons then would fly back to the fort as harbinger of good news or bad news so people inside would act accordingly. It so happened that the king won the war but the black pigeon was accidentally released. Realizing the disaster, the king returned hastily to his fort but only to find the huge burning pyre where hundreds of women had jumped into.

Jaigarh fort cannon

Source : Google photo of massive cannon in Jaigarh fort near Jaipur

In many such forts you will still find the armory and other weapons like massive cannons. They display the swords, guns, armor plated vests , bows and arrows, javelins and numerous weapons. There are numerous types of daggers, knives , spikes, cannon balls filled with explosives in the museums there. There are uniforms the king and the soldiers wore, helmet and foot ware for them all will show you what a warrior people they were. There are beautiful clothes on display that royals and the common women wore in those days. There are museums full of jewelries and potteries to show you.

Some of these forts have buried treasures that people speak of but no one knows where it is buried. The fort of Jaigarh near Jaipur is one such fort where according to the common folklore a huge treasure was buried by the King Man Singh who brought it from Afghanistan after defeating the kings there. No one knew where inside the fort it was buried but Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent a team to look for the buried treasure.

The Indian army cordoned off the entire fort and started some serious digging everywhere. No one was allowed near the fort for a long time but one night lots of Army trucks left the fort for Delhi and closed the highway for the public for several hours so people speculate what the trucks may have been carrying. No one knows even today what they found and where it was taken to.

Jaigarh fort water tank

Source : Google photo of the empty water tank in Jaigarh fort that has stairs going three floors deep.

When we visited the Jaigarh fort near Jaipur a few years ago, we were shown a square shaped huge cement water tank in the courtyard of the fort that had no water. A guide then showed us a small opening at the base of the raised cement pond that showed stairs going down in the darkness. The guide said it was three story deep and that is probably where the treasure was kept in sealed vaults that the army people found and transferred the treasure to some other equally secret location. It is possible that the treasure rooms are connected by secret tunnels from inside the fort but no one is allowed in.

Needless to say that the long history of Rajasthan is filled with epic tales of sacrifice by women and men who still value honor and self dignity above everything else. They are the descendants of their fierce warrior forefathers and proudly join the Indian army to fight for the country. Their bravery in battle is legendary in the military history of India. The British were wary of these fighting people who had no word for surrender in their vocabulary so fought to death.

Rajasthani women

Source : Google photo of colorful Rajasthan women 

The Rajasthan women are pretty and wear very colorful dresses that are different from what women wear in other parts of the country. You will still see them in their very colorful long skirts and wearing a lot silver jewelries. Rajasthan is a dry state so you will see many deep wells called Baoris or step wells built long ago by the kings and queens but now there is a massive canal over 600 kms long that brings water to the dry part of the state that helps farmers grow many crops there. The road network is being expanded and water and electricity is being brought to villages and cities all over the state.

Stairwells of rajasthan

Source : Google photo of a very deep stairwell in Rajasthan

People now live in peace and are proud to show you their rich heritage of their forts, palaces and havelis everywhere although it hides a bloody past.

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Moral corruption of soul

Source : Google photo

Synopsis : I see a widespread decline in moral values everywhere that used to be the guiding principle to live a decent life and be useful to others without any recompense. But the world is in the grip of the tsunami of a decadent culture and values that is dragging us down and away from our humane roots. The blog looks at some of the reasons and asks many questions.

The collective soul of individuals makes the soul of a nation so when the individual souls are morally corrupt, it makes the soul of a nation corrupt. This leads to the downfall of that nation. Nations, empires, kingdoms rose and fell in the past due to the corruption of the soul that starts as a rot that eventually engulfs the whole nation.

The religion or faith in morals guides the people to stay on the virtuous path so the Ten Commandments become a guiding principle to people but these commandments are not unique to the Christians. Almost all religions have them in one form or the other and form the basis of their society.

But we see that in many countries, people have walked away from these principles or pay less attention to in their daily lives so a moral corruption seeps in. Such people see nothing wrong in taking bribes to do their job, taking advantage of a weak and vulnerable person for their personal gain, lying, cheating others, deceitful behavior, letting people down and not keeping promises made in good faith, borrowing money but not repaying, arrogance of money or social position, discriminating people based on skin color, ethnicity or gender, intolerance of others and their religion, racism and a belief in self-superiority etc. The list is long that corrupts the souls of people in any country.

This collective decay of moral values is the rot that brings down a country so that nation becomes a pariah in the League of Nations. No one trusts them, wants to settle there or have any dealings with them through trade, commerce and cultural exchange. There are many examples of such nations that have become pariahs because they have lost their moral guiding principles that give directions in their life. At the top of the list are countries ruled by a despot dictator like in North Korea where people are enslaved and have no freedom that other nations enjoy. They live in fear of one man who decides how they should live. It is really no different from brutal kings or queens of the past who ruled their subject with an iron fist and punished those who wanted to live freely.

The French , British and the Spanish kings constantly waged wars with their neighbors or sent huge armies to regain Jerusalem so they needed huge amount of money that they forcibly collected from the poor and the rich people alike or borrowed from the Templars. People lived in fear and abject poverty but their sons were forced to join the armies to fight in crusades and die somewhere. When the Templars wanted the king of France to repay them the money borrowed, he invited them to a meeting where all were massacred. This was the moral decay of the kingdom that affected everyone.

When people live in fear, they start mistrusting people because they become suspicious of others. They are always afraid that someone will report them to the dictator who will put them in prison, torture or kill them because a dictator becomes extremely paranoid who does not trust anyone. To live in such a country is to live in a nightmare so people become desperate and try to escape. Hundreds of people were killed while trying to escape East Germany if you recall. Millions of people have left their country of birth because of war and the brutal government that is rotten to the core and spreads the rot to the people.

This moral rot of a regime that subjugates its people leads to revolution that encourages the common people to come out and join the rebels like in Cuba, Romania, Haiti and many other countries where people overthrew their dictators at a tremendous loss of innocent lives. In the past the revolution in France and Russia was the outcome of the repressive regimes there.

Those of you who travel all over the world for tourism have stories to tell about how you were treated by the airport authorities and the people. In spite of having a valid visa, they will look at you with suspicion, will demand to see if you have money on you, will want to know how long you will stay, where you will stay, what places you intend to visit etc. They will do this in an impolite way to make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

When you step out of the airport or the port of entry, you will be assailed by con men trying to make a quick buck out of you or the taxi man who will say that his meter does not work so he may charge you much more than the regular fare. You have to fight them off and get away as fast as you can.

Then you will go to a hotel where you will be surprised to find that the manager gives you a dirty room for a high price but you have no choice because it is late in the evening or night when it is hard to find a hotel you like. These hotels are run by con men who advertise in the Internet with fancy photos but in reality they are thieves and con men who take advantage of an innocent person like you and me because you have no choice.

On the streets a stern and impolite policeman may accost you and ask for your papers making you literally afraid and start to wonder if you made a mistake coming to such a country. The touts, the trinket sellers, the guides, the taxi men, the bell boys are all motivated by their greed for your money as soon as they spot you and decide that you are vulnerable. Some will openly ask for tips. This is the moral rot of a country that I write about today.

There is no denying the fact that the increased tourism in many parts of the world has fueled this greed in the local people who forget all decency of life and pound on you when they get a chance. It gives you a bad taste in your mouth because you are a decent person who expects courtesy and decency in other countries.

In some Eastern European countries, they will tell you at the airports that you must spend so many dollars per day of your stay and you must stay at the tourist designated hotels where they can spy on you and all your movements. You must be accompanied by a government approved guide who reports to them where you went, whom you met and all the petty details making you very uncomfortable because you may not be able to travel around freely. You may face great difficulties and harassment if you overstay and want to extend your visa just by a few days.

Then there are countries where they give preferential treatment depending on the passport you carry. Some passport holders are treated with hostility and thorough body and luggage search while others may pass freely because they hold a passport that gives them preferential treatment. The skin color, ethnicity and even the quality of your luggage may play a role in how you are treated.

In India, the tourists are often piled into buses that are marked as Tourist in big bold letters that attracts the con men and cheaters like flies who will try to take advantage. It is shocking to see it and experience such moral degradation in people that puts a dark shadow on the whole country although there are plenty of good people whom you may never meet.

Then there is naked racism in many countries where they may deny you a hotel room just because you have a dark skin or wear clothes they do not approve or have turban or beard or other physical attributes that raise alarm bells in them. In Algeria one hotel manager thought that I was a Touareg from the desert so would not give me a hotel room. When I showed my passport, only then he was convinced and let me stay there.

In Delhi a hotel manager said there was a room but when my wife showed up, the fellow changed his mind thinking that I had eloped with a foreign woman. This vulgarity and open suspicion should have no place in a civilized society but we unfortunately live in an imperfect world where anything goes.

One German gentleman told me that he was somewhere in the United States while reading a Time magazine when a policeman showed up and roughly asked him why he was tearing up some pages of the magazine. This surprised the German fellow because he did not know that tearing up a page or two of a discarded magazine was unlawful.

It wasn’t but the arrogant policeman treated him harshly just the same while keeping his hand on the holster of his loaded gun. This is the absolute rot I am writing about. It affects everyone. People call the police just because they are paranoid and suspicious of someone because the way he looks, his skin color or his beard or turban.

You may not notice them but there are thousands of cameras mounted on poles or buildings that follow every citizen and send their images in real time to a central computer somewhere that analyzes these images and tries to identify them using facial recognition software. This is spying on people on a massive scale that goes on 24/7 that boggles the mind of anyone.

In the airports they will take your photo, finger print you like a criminal and scan your luggage before you are allowed out. The paranoia is everywhere. The cameras will follow you in malls where you are planning to buy something. The cameras will follow you if you go to certain consulates or embassies. Even unpaid traffic tickets get registered in their computer and may cause you some problem in the future.

They scan the license plate number of your car to see if your car is stolen or not and may stop you just to make sure. The policeman may shout at you and ask to see your papers while keeping his hand on his gun. May be it is the loaded gun that gives them the courage to behave this way. I wonder if they would behave more genially if they carried only a baton like in some countries and even save many lives. The trigger happy policemen have killed people of color just because of a busted tail light in their car in the United States.

So ask this question – Where is the basic courtesy? What happened to civilized behavior in people? What happened to the humanity that shows aggression at the slightest chance?

Why is it so? I know the answer. It is because of moral rot that is spreading through their society that makes them behave this way. When the whole country starts to behave in a degrading and suspicious way then it means only one thing. This moral rot of their soul has spread far and wide and affects the whole nation. No one is spared.

Neighbors do not talk to neighbors, office workers are paranoid about their officemates, office manager treats his employees in a degrading and humiliating way, the government offices where one seeks their services are filled with rude people who will answer you in impolite way when you ask them simple questions, the store owner who cheats you and shortchanges you are the experiences many of us have.

The suspicion and the fear of others who are not like them fuels this paranoia that you notice in many communities. The pressure of economic needs to survive makes people lose their humanity so they start to behave badly. The credit card culture in many countries exacerbates this problem. When you live on credit and have very little reserve to tide you over the hard times, you tend to become more aggressive and impolite to others.

The credit card culture makes people live on edge all the time and it shows in their behavior. You will always worry about how to pay back the debt to the bank, to the car dealer, to the hospital, to the school or college. You will worry about how to pay for the things you need to survive all because you took too much credit so now the Shylock wants his pound of flesh plus interest so it leaves you sleepless.

The phenomenal rise in the number of people who are looking for quick money from commission that you must pay them if you have the misfortune to deal with them is a sign of rot of moral values. A gentleman helps someone out with something because he has moral values that dictate his actions. He is not looking for a commission and believes that he has a moral obligation to help someone who needs his help in some way.

We were very surprised when some missionaries in Haiti asked us why we helped an American woman who had a car accident. Did we know her? We answered that it was the right thing to do.

When Rome was past its glory and on its way to oblivion because people had become so rotten and decadent, so perverse and without humanity, there was an example that justified its end.

There was a very greedy man who had several fire chariots so people ran to him to seek his help when their homes were on fire. He then started to make extraordinary demands before he would agree to put the fire out. He wanted a lot of money upfront. So many homes burnt down because they could not come up with money soon while his fire chariots sat full of water.

The corruption and greed of this man was well known even in distant parts of the Roman Empire so when the Caesar tired of this man sent him away to a distant province, people quickly caught him there and poured liquid gold down his throat that he loved so much.

What is a country without its soul intact? What are the people who make up their country who have lost their moral values and have become inhuman? Some people may not believe that there is such a thing as soul so let us call it their conscience. What is a man without conscience? What is a nation without conscience that values greed for money and material goods over good deeds to help their fellow beings?

When a simple chat with a black man could have saved his life, the policeman knocked him down and suffocated him to death while people watched in horror. Have we become so inhuman for this to happen today? What will be our future without our moral courage to do what is right?

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