Appalling inhumanity

“Don’t suffer like me, get the vaccine immediately, it’s not only protecting yourself, its protecting people like me”- Joel Croxton. Croxton was fully vaccinated but the virus took his life September 14th due to his weakened immune system. (Alan Hawes, RN/MUSC)

Source: Google photo of high-cost ICU care that could not save Joel

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Synopsis: It is heart wrenching to watch poor people taken advantage of by the doctors and hospitals that demand a high cost for the medical care they provide and often do not accept government sponsored insurance program so demand cash. Their inhumanity in insisting on monetary gains over care and concern for their patients shows the degeneration of our basic humanistic values.

I was walking with my wife in the neighborhood yesterday when we heard a horrible scream coming from a house nearby. It did not stop for a long time making us very nervous because we know them and wondered why there was such a commotion. Only this morning we came to know that their youngest and the prettiest daughter hung herself and was pronounced dead in the hospital. The shylocks in the hospital charged the grieving parents one hundred dollars just to give a death certificate which was so appalling that made me write this blog. Their sheer inhumanity boggles the mind but that is how they make money at the expense of the misery of others and feel no shame doing it.  

Hospitals especially the private ones are known for their greed and lack of compassion for their patients where they employ guards with strict orders not to let any patient check out unless their bills are fully paid dead or alive. It is the same hospital I had the misfortune to go to for some minor ailment and where I saw the filth and smelled the stink of cockroaches in the room, but they charged me a huge amount for some Buscopan tablets that cost pennies outside.

The food they served me was a bowl of yellow water called soup and a 5-inch-long boney fish with a bowl of poor-quality rice I could not eat. The bill for this poor-quality food was extraordinary but that is how they make money. The nurse counted and billed even a cue tip that she used. My wife was allowed to sleep in the room, but they only provided her with a very narrow hard wooden bench less than two feet wide with no mattress or a pillow, so she had to suffer a sleepless night as well.

This sort of poor-quality hospital service is widespread here where they refuse the government insurance and say that they accept only cash that a patient must deposit before they let him stay there. Then a horde of doctors starts coming to check the patient and suggest numerous lab tests that the patient must pay for plus the fee for all the doctors who make use of the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly. They do not give the patient the right to choose his own doctor or the laboratory tests he wants. These doctors treat the patient as moron who must obey what he is told and just pay the cost.

I was so angry at their greed and poor service that I checked out after just one day, but the nurse asked me to sign a form letter saying that the doctors are not responsible if anything happens to me later as if they really cared. I promised myself that I will never visit that hospital again even if I am very sick, but all the hospitals here behave the same way. Before a patient is checked into a hospital, he is asked to sign a form that states that the doctors cannot be sued for malpractices.

In Haiti that is one of the poorest countries in the world, a doctor was found to be careless in operating on a patient leading to the death of the patient. So, the enraged relatives came to kill the doctor who fled the town immediately and hid somewhere. This hospital was near my home and the careless nurse was my landlady who was also a very scandalous woman who stole all my kitchenware when I was leaving. May be the Haitians are right in taking the matter into their own hands. It certainly put fear into that doctor who botched up his operation, so he fled with his tail between his legs.

I went to another hospital where an American woman was admitted but she was given a very dirty room with a stinky mattress and a filthy bed sheet on it, so she sent me a message to rescue her. I brought her home and took care of her and her Haitian boyfriend who had a jeep accident. I then called their employer in Port au Prince to bring them to a better facility somewhere and brought them to a missionary run facility for x ray and other help. The hospitals in Haiti are dirty and not worth going to just like here because of poverty and lack of resources. It is hard to tell how well trained the doctors and nurses are there.

When my wife needed a surgery to remove her tumors, I had to bring her to a government hospital in Manila some 66 kms away where the doctor said that her fee must be paid in cash because she does not trust the hospital to pay her, and she does not accept the government insurance program. At the time of leaving after her recovery, the anesthesiologist, the laboratory technician and even the guard stood in line to be paid in cash for their services that created a very bad impression in my mind about the hospitals here although the surgeon did her job and my wife recovered well later. It was good that our sweet daughter flew in from Australia to stay with her mother in her room and took care of all her needs. She is a jewel.

Recently some news came from India where a hospital charged a huge amount to the father of a small boy who had a minor accident on the road that needed a simple first aid in the outpatient clinic, but hospital doctors performed a major and needless surgery on the poor boy that led to the death of the child on the operation table. Then they refused to let the grieving and heartbroken father have the body of his child on whom the greedy doctors had performed a totally unnecessary surgery and did not accept the responsibility for his death but insisted that the hospital had to be paid in full. They were so heartless that it is shocking.

They also refused to accept the government health Insurance program just like here so the poor father who had no money to pay the huge bill reported the matter to the government authorities who then started the investigation that led to the arrest of the doctors and the owner of the 14-story luxury hospital who had built the hospital illegally without permit and on land forcibly taken from the owner without any compensation.

His wife was also arrested on charges of massive fraud, graft and corruption that made the couple very rich, but India is cracking down hard on criminals by arresting them. Other countries should follow the Indian example because the inhumanity of doctors in greedy hospitals worldwide is more common than one is led to believe.

We have all heard about the monster doctor who made his patient unconscious and removed illegally his kidney to sell to patients in the United States and other countries who paid thousands of dollars for it. He was eventually caught in India and prosecuted for his crime but how many more such doctors are operating elsewhere?

In the United States, a pregnant woman was refused admission in a hospital because she did not have an insurance so the poor woman suffering great pain and distress gave birth to her baby in the parking lot. Even then no hospital worker came out to help her. The war veterans stay in the filthy cockroach infested hospital rooms in government hospitals where they wait for days before a doctor or nurse comes.    

Only in Mexico City, I found a world class, neat and clean hospital where the doctors were excellent and full of concern for their patients. When our son fell from a swing one day in a park, a social worker came immediately and called the ambulance that came soon to bring him to a hospital. We did not know anything or where to go so we took a taxi to the Cruz Roja Hospital that was suggested by the social worker where a doctor attended to our son immediately and took him to the operation theater to fix his broken bone.  

They fixed his elbow accurately and very professionally and put it in a cast that was removed a month later in Haiti. The best part was the hospital did not charge anything at all for their excellent services, but we gave some donation, nevertheless. The fact that my employer did not reimburse me for the expenses was another matter not worth writing about.

It fills me with great disappointment when I see the greed of people who are supposed to look after their patients to the best of their ability in any hospital but find them unfit for their job. They cannot recite the doctor’s oath if you ask them so perhaps do not take the Hippocratic oath seriously.

Source :  Google photo of doctors and nurses taking Hippocratic oath

We do get sick once in a while or may have an accident somewhere, so we need immediate medical assistance. This misfortune then becomes a nightmare when you find out how bad the hospitals really are and how inhuman the doctors are, so it is just the shame no matter where you live because you are forced to endure their inhumanity on top of your own medical issues.

Once I was doing some gardening when I felt something bit my hand. Soon it swelled up and became very itchy, so I knew that it was a worm that had bit into my palm and had burrowed itself under the skin. A day later the itching became more intense, and the worm could be seen under the skin getting longer and spreading a toxin that made my palm dark, so I went to a hospital to seek help.

The emergency room staff refused to even look at my hand by saying that it happened yesterday, so it is not an emergency. I must check into the hospital at a great cost, but I refused because I knew that it was an outpatient issue. It had happened to me in Africa before. Another doctor also refused to treat the issue because she admitted that she did not know what the problem was so asked me to go to another hospital 35 kms away. There a doctor also refused and referred me to a skin specialist who was not available while the worm was getting to be more of a nuisance.

Finally I searched Google to find the right medication and was told that a simple worm killing tablet called Mintezol that is widely available over the counter in any pharmacy should do the trick but the pharmacist was in cahoots with the doctors so wanted a prescription that one has to pay for and wait for several hours for the inconsiderate doctor who always arrives late and demands a lot of lab tests and a second visit to write you the prescription that was not needed in the first place. By this time, he has made you pay several thousands of Pesos and wasted your time.

So, at this time my wife came to my aid and gave the pharmacist a tongue lashing by saying that Mintezol is an over-the-counter medicine that costs only 5 cents and given freely to children in most countries, so the pharmacist reluctantly produced the tablet and charged a dollar apiece. We had also threatened to report to the Department of Health for them to know how the pharmacists are working in cahoots with the doctors to make money from you by asking you to produce prescription for over-the-counter medicines.

This is a serious problem worldwide. In some European countries and in Cuba, health care is funded by the government using tax money so you do not have to pay anything no matter what the cost but in other capitalistic countries they require a medical insurance from you that may cost you 5000 US dollars per person per year whether you are sick or not. It works in favor of Insurance companies if you are young and healthy because they like your money but do not like to pay out if you are sick, so they do not like to insure old people who are sick and need medical help.

I know Cuba is one of the very few countries where they have free universal healthcare where no one needs to pay for it but gets excellent care. India is another country where poor people are given free medical insurance by the government that covers up to 500000 Rupees in expenses but those who are not poor must pay a lot of money to get well. The problem is that most people in this world are not rich so what happens to them when they get sick and cannot pay the high cost of hospitalization and medicine? This is an open question that begs an answer.

I know that we are not rich so maybe we will not get the medical help we may need someday when we are sick. May be staying home and dying in our bed with our dignity intact is the answer. I cannot imagine leaving a huge hospital bill for my wife to pay when I croak and put her financial health at risk. I just cannot do that because I love her.

Source : Google photo of death machine approved in Switzerland

I know that Switzerland allows euthanasia under certain circumstances when a patient decides to end his life for whatever reason but in most countries, it is illegal to do so because they protect the healthcare industry run by very rich and heartless businesspeople. They hate cheaper generic drugs because they want you to pay for their super expensive drugs, so they do not allow the hospitals to buy generics. Death machine is a morbid and depressing topic I would rather not write about.

India is a leader in the manufacturing of generic drugs that are far cheaper so anyone can afford and get well. It also exports such drugs to other countries that want them mainly in Africa but also in developed countries where people ask for generics. But cheaper drugs or not, healthcare remains a serious issue in most countries where people struggle to pay for it and get into huge debt.

I have written about the wonderful Islamic hakims who treat their patients at low cost and with compassion because taking advantage of poor people and treating them at a high cost is unlawful in their religion, but they are slowly disappearing under the onslaught of more organized money making and greedy hospitals and doctors.

I was treated by a kind hakim when I had a cut in my ankle that got badly infected. He cleaned my wound by cutting off the dead flesh and washing the wound with disinfectant soap that he made himself and then put an ointment he prepared. The ointment worked like magic, and it healed soon leaving no trace. My father paid the hakim a dollar for it. (Read my blog here called Where are the Hakims ? )  

These greedy and selfish doctors influence the governments to ban doctors and healers who use traditional medicines because it hurts their money-making business. They do not allow anyone to import certain medical equipment like mobile lithotripsy vans because they have a monopoly so that they can charge any rate they want. We have been a victim of such greedy doctors here when my wife needed her kidney stones removed. In India the same procedure costs only 10 % of what we paid here.

The Moslems do not spend a great deal of money to bury their dead in simple grave because even the rich are buried wrapped in plain linen in a simple shallow grave with a handwritten epitaph, but the burial and cremation are a huge and expensive industry elsewhere.

Do you ever wonder how come the funeral parlor people show up so quickly to grab a dead body from a hospital? It is because the hospitals make a great deal of money from them, so they notify them as soon as a dead body is available for cremation or burial.

I am really sorry that a very young and beautiful child lost her life yesterday, but I am also disappointed that the hospital did not show any care or concern and charged one hundred dollars for just a signature on a printed form to declare that she was dead. It was like heaping salt on the raw wound of her parents who are in shock. The Shylocks of the funeral parlors are already salivating at the prospect of another business opportunity.

What has happened to the humanity and how people have become so inhuman that they stopped caring for others and counted only money? There used to be a time when people cared for each other and shared their grief together by coming together to carry the bier, collect money to pay for some expenses and console the grieving relatives. How people have become so uncaring, un sharing and inhuman?

This is the sign that we as human beings are losing our basic values in the race for money and false status in our community although I should not use the word community here because a real friendly community does not exist anywhere anymore except perhaps in Kalahari. Maybe we should learn from the Bushmen there how-to live-in tune with the nature and share food and water with everyone and enjoy doing it.

Source : Google photo of Bushmen sharing their hunt with others.

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Amazing bush craft

Source : Google photo of amazing bush craft

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Synopsis: Some people mistakenly think that a tropical forest somewhere can make for a nice adventure for hunting, fishing and making shelter to enjoy nature. A forest can be a dreadful place unless you have the skills to survive there. This skill is learned from the practical experience under the guidance of a bush craft master. So do not try it on your own thinking that it is easy because it is not.

I admire the people who are born with an indomitable spirit of independence. This trait manifests itself at a certain stage of the development of a child because at first the child is totally dependent on his mother or someone who feeds him regularly and takes care of him.

But as he starts to grow up, the built-in spirit of independence starts to show that later develops the kid into a remarkable, self-confident and self-assured individual who is eager to learn the skills from his elders so that he can survive anywhere under any set of circumstances.

This spirit is more praiseworthy when found in a young girl who can hardly be more than 18 years of age. We usually form a stereotype opinion of females in a macho society where boys are preferred over girls and the females are considered to be the weaker sex who are either exploited by the males or at worst condescended about.

I have lived in many parts of Africa where women become self-reliant at an early age and do most of the hard work to help men build mud homes, gather firewood from the forest, get shea nuts to make shea butter, plant and harvest crops, till the plots to remove the weeds, plant vegetable garden near their village, prepare meals that require pounding of corn or millets every day and do this while carrying a baby on their back.

Source : Google photo of a hard working African woman

They fetch water from the well, sweep and clean their homes and yard every morning and do numerous other chores like making baskets or weave cotton to make beautiful rugs or clothes for men and children. They milk their cows and goats and take care of their chicken and ducks. They hardly ever sit still so you may say that they are very hard-working women.

I have noted this hard-working nature in Asian women as well notably in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. The mountain people in these countries work extra hard to remain self-reliant and produce some of the most exquisite handicraft like potteries, shawls or blankets using their primitive tools and looms. Their bamboo homes are a work of art. They are so well made and sturdy that it will certainly impress you.

The mountain people belong to certain tribes who live close to the forested areas from where they get their building materials like bamboo and wood not to mention source of food, they hunt for there. They become excellent hunters at an early age and learn to build traps to catch fish from the streams or small animals in the forest. They gather honey in the forest as well as numerous medicinal plants and roots they learn to use to heal wounds and treat sick people.

This strong spirit of independence born of necessity in the Montagnards, or the mountain people of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other countries makes them survive in areas where the city people cannot. When these mountain people move to cities for reasons of their own, they gradually lose the knowledge of survival that is passed on from one generation to the next. The war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia displaced thousands of tribal people that made life very difficult for them.

The Vietnamese girl I am about to show you in a video below is a very young woman who could hardly be over 18 or 20 years in age and highly skilled in the bush craft she has no doubt learned from her elders. She does not look like a mountain girl that makes her more remarkable. She goes to the forest somewhere in Vietnam and carries some very basic tools like a saw, a machete, a digging tool, a shovel or a spade, ropes, cords, a starter kit for making fire, some plastic sheets and two adorable pets. The baby monkey and the dog are inseparable as best friends.

There alone, she selects three trees that are close to each other. She first makes a tall ladder, climbs to the top of it and cuts grooves on the trees. Then she cuts strong logs that she ties to the trees in the notch she cut and gradually builds a beautiful and sturdy platform high off the ground on which she gradually builds a tree house. I will not preempt the story here so you should watch the video below to admire her extraordinary skill in making the tree house, catch animals using traps and sets up traps to catch fish, crabs, shrimps etc. in the stream in the second video.

She finds a huge a monitor lizard trapped in a fishnet that she rescues and lovingly frees the animal and sets it loose. She rescues her dog that was attacked by a large snake and kills the snake that provides her a lot of meat. She rescues her pet monkey that had wandered off into the forest and attacked by a wild animal and cares for its wounds on the head using medicinal plants she has a lot of knowledge of.

In short, this girl is adorable and will impress you if you just watch her videos and know how extraordinary she is. It is hard to believe that there are young girls like her so skilled in the bush craft. She is also very lucky to live in Vietnam where she can go to a forest and make her home there and grow her own food without any government official bothering her.

Can you imagine doing it anywhere in the United States or Europe? An armed forest ranger will suddenly appear out of nowhere and ask you haughtily for a permit that you must provide. Failing to do so will entail a big fine. You need permit for everything worth doing like fishing, hunting or building a tree house in these countries that in my opinion are over regulated. That is why people like the Native Americans no longer live in forests, so they are herded like animals into the so-called reservations where they are pitiful and unhappy.

Their proud ancestor lived freely wherever they wanted and maintained their freedom but not anymore. In most countries of Southeast Asia and India, the tribal people are mostly left alone to live the way they have always lived so no one bothers them. No forest ranger with a gun in his holster shows up to ask for permits although illegal hunting of tigers and other endangered animals is banned by the authorities.

Another point is the geographic location that counts as well. The Asian forests are rich in diverse type of plants, trees, bamboos and vines that the tribals can cut to build their homes. The forests are full of wild animals like pigs, wild chicken, small deer etc. The streams are a rich source of fish, crabs and shrimps. There are wild fruits and berries that anyone can harvest. The two videos will show how the young girl gets her food.

Once I had an adventure when I slept in a forest in California near a stream when I heard a growl of a wild animal during the night. It could have been a mountain lion that is very dangerous. I was so scared that I covered myself up completely in my sleeping bag and stayed absolutely still and controlling my breathing. I was very lucky that the animal went away and did not investigate the sleeping bag, so I learned my lesson and never ventured into a forest alone. I had no tools or anything to defend myself with, so it was a very foolhardy thing to do. I blamed it on my young age when people sometimes do foolish and dangerous things.

One has to be trained in bush craft to survive alone in the forest. You have to be trained to know which fruit or mushroom is edible and which one is poisonous, which plants have medicinal properties and what they can be used for. You must have training on how to build a house with bamboo and how to make the roof with leaves or bamboo.

There was a TV show where a few men and women were given a week or ten days to survive on their own in a dense forest somewhere and were given some basic tools. They had to be naked but that was just to spice up the show because there was no need for them to be naked in the forest.

So, some men and women accepted the challenge because of prize money but it was a pitiful show because they were city people who had absolutely no training on how to survive in a dense forest. They did not know how to make traps to catch fish, so they tried spear fishing and failed. They could not catch any wild animal either so most of them starved and became weak. They cried most of the time and wanted to go back but they had to stay the required 10 days, so they were desperate. When they caught a tiny fish, it was not enough for one mouthful. They did not know how to make shelter with wood or bamboo, so they shivered in the rain and got bitten by mosquitos. A forest can be a dreadful place if you are not trained to survive there.

But this girl was absolutely fearless and handled all situations very well because she was well trained. She was very resourceful and provided for her pets and herself using her skills. How did she learn so much at such a young age? Who taught her how to make traps, make baskets, make bow and arrow with a trigger and identify the medicinal plants?

There are a large number of books that identify plants and animals or how to make a shelter but nothing beats the practical training under the supervision of someone who knows who has long experience in bush craft. Such knowledge is usually passed on from one generation to the next.

The secret to survival alone in the forest is in improvisation. One has to work with what is available there. In the video the girl finds a lot of porcupine quills and instantly knows that they make wonderful arrow heads. She knew that a lot of crabs hide in holes in muddy areas of the forest, so she fearlessly reached out deep in the holes to grabs the crabs.

She knew that banana trees have a lot of water stored in them, so she made a bamboo pipe to thrust into the stem and sweet water flowed into her mouth. One cannot survive anywhere without water, so she always selected a site close to the stream.

These videos will show you what is bush craft and how these very young women make it look easy to put up a shelter and find food. You can learn a lot about bush craft just by watching them. I am not suggesting that you should go to a tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia to try your luck, but it should not stop you from admiring these hard-working girls.

Should you ever be in a forest on your own, at least you should be well prepared with some tools, mosquito repellants, water and food plus a good sleeping bag. I was foolish enough to think that I could just spread my sleeping bag near a stream and sleep, but I was lucky. Nocturnal animals come out to drink from the streams so please do not make such mistakes.

Source : U Tube videos on bush craft

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A man of steel

Google photo of Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel

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Synopsis: A great man was born in India who had the vision, the courage and the wisdom to steer the country in the right direction after its independence in 1947 so he was rightly called the Man of steel. This is the story of Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel whom all patriotic Indians venerate.

The British did not like him because he would not serve their interest in the independent India. The so-called Mahatma asked him to give way to the sycophant Nehru so that he could be the Prime Minister although he was disliked by all the members of the Congress Party Working Committee except one. The party unanimously elected Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the man of steel as the next Prime Minister because they knew that he was a man of character, of immense integrity, courage and a great patriot but the Mahatma prevailed.

This pleased the British who had asked for Nehru whom they called the brown sahib who had promised to serve the British interest after the independence without an iota of shame. His skin may have been brown but inside he was as British as they came.

This came about due to immense pressure generated on the Mahatma to ask the man of steel to step aside by the viceroy Mountbatten and his wife Edwina, so a deal was made that allowed the British to leave India ahead of the schedule provided Nehru was made the prime minister. British actively encouraged the partition of India and the selection of sycophant Nehru as the next Prime Minister of independent India.

Being a gentleman and a man of honor Sardar Patel acquiesced although he did not like Nehru because he was pro-British to his core that riled Sardar to no end. It was a very sensitive time for India when the mass exodus of Muslims from India to Pakistan and the return of Hindus and Sikhs from there to India took place and resulted in a genocide of over a million people in the process.

The vivisection of India into three parts due to the insistence of Jinnah that caused the genocide was too traumatic for the Indians who waited with great trepidation to see what a newly independent nation would do but this partition was followed by more bad news from Kashmir. The Pakistanis had sent in heavily armed terrorists to occupy a part of Kashmir that even today is called the POK or Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Sardar Patel became the Deputy Prime Minister, Home Minister, Minister of Information and Minister of State after independence who was responsible for the internal security of the country so the very first thing, he did was to bring under one flag some 562 independent princely states to make one United India. It was not easy because these princely states did not like to give up their privileges, they had enjoyed under the British rule, but Sardar Patel prevailed, so they all agreed to join India except one who insisted to join Pakistan. It was the Nizam of Hyderabad who had his own army, but Sardar sent in the Indian Army to surround Hyderabad to force Nizam to accede and disarmed all the armed goons of Nizam. He would not allow a part of Pakistan to be formed in the heart of India. After defeating Nizam, Patel retained him as the ceremonial chief of state, and held talks with him. There were 562 princely states in India which Sardar Patel integrated.

This brave action on his part earned him the nickname The man of steel. He also sent the Indian army to Kashmir to beat back the terrorists, but Nehru capitulated and went to the UN to ask for a cease fire thus overruling the Home Minister Patel. This action led to thousands of more deaths in Kashmir that resulted in three wars since 1947. The 4th war is in the offing to resolve the Kashmir issue once and for all, but no one knows when it will start. Pakistan considers India as its enemy so continues to send terrorists to make trouble from time to time.

But this blog is about the Man of steel so let me now tell you who really was Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel and why all Indians salute him as the greatest leader who played a major role in deciding the inclusion of all the princely states to make one United India. His intervention in Kashmir stemmed the tide in favor of India so that the future governments could take more decisive actions to regain the parts lost to Pakistan.

Biography of Sardar Patel

Vallabhbhai Patel, in full Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel, by name Sardar Patel (Hindi: “Leader Patel”), (born October 31, 1875, NadiadGujarat, India—died December 15, 1950, Bombay [now Mumbai]), Indian barrister and statesman, one of the leaders of the Indian National Congress during the struggle for Indian independence. During the first three years of Indian independence after 1947, he served as deputy prime minister, minister of home affairs, minister of information, and minister of states.

 Early life and legal career

Patel was born into a self-sufficient landowning family of the Leva Patidar caste. Reared in an atmosphere of traditional Hinduism, he attended primary school at Karamasad and high school at Petlad but was mainly self-taught. Patel married at the age of 16, matriculated at 22, and passed the district pleader’s examination, which enabled him to practice law. In 1900 he set up an independent office of district pleader in Godhra, and two years later he moved to Borsad.

As a lawyer, Patel distinguished himself in presenting an unassailable case in a precise manner and in challenging police witnesses and British judges. In 1908 Patel lost his wife, who had borne him a son and daughter, and thereafter remained a widower. Determined to enhance his career in the legal profession, Patel traveled to London in August 1910 to study at the Middle Temple. There he studied diligently and passed the final examinations with high honors.

Returning to India in February 1913, he settled in Ahmadabad, rising rapidly to become the leading barrister in criminal law at the Ahmadabad bar. Reserved and courteous, he was noted for his superior mannerisms, his smart, English-style clothes, and his championship in bridge at Ahmadabad’s fashionable Gujarat Club. He was, until 1917, indifferent to Indian political activities.

In 1917 Patel found the course of his life changed after having been influenced by Mohandas K. Gandhi. Patel adhered to Gandhi’s satyagraha (policy of nonviolence) insofar as it furthered the Indian struggle against the British. But he did not identify himself with Gandhi’s moral convictions and ideals, and he regarded Gandhi’s emphasis on their universal application as irrelevant to India’s immediate political, economic, and social problems. Nevertheless, having resolved to follow and support Gandhi, Patel changed his style and appearance. He quit the Gujarat Club, dressed in the white cloth of the Indian peasant, and ate in the Indian manner.

During the second world war, Patel rejected as impractical Gandhi’s nonviolence in the face of the then-expected Japanese invasion of India. On the transfer of power, Patel differed with Gandhi in realizing that the partition of the subcontinent into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan was inevitable, and he asserted that it was in India’s interests to part with Pakistan. ( Wikipedia ).

Sardar Patel did not always agree with Mohandas Gandhi and his way of begging the British to leave India that hurt the pride of all Indians who had fought and died for the freedom of their motherland. He secretly admired the courage of Netaji Bose and his struggle to free India through armed intervention using his Indian National Army (INA ) that eventually forced the British to leave but Sardar was too committed to abandon the Gandhian movement he had joined in 1917. He was also sick and a widower in 1947. The long years of incarceration in British jails and the struggle to free India had sapped his energy but he continued as the Home Minister because the country needed him at a very difficult time in 1947. Only his iron will kept the country together. He never hesitated to speak his mind. He was a true nationalist to his core and saw the British as just the colonial occupiers whose time had come to leave. He died on December 15, 1950, barely three years after Independence.

Why the country reveres Sardar Patel for his contribution to lay the foundation of modern India and why 75 years after the Independence he remains relevant while all other Congressmen have faded or have started to fade into the history books?

If the correct history book is written now, many would not be mentioned as praiseworthy because Indians demand accountability from them even after their death. The Congress Party that ruled India for many years is now on its way out in most states.

But Sardar shines as the star that continues to mesmerize the country so long after his death. His personality, his honesty, his iron will, and his patriotism put him in a category far apart from the rest. So much so that the present government of Narendra Modi has put up his statue in Gujarat in his honor that is the tallest in the world.

The Western news media derisively criticized the Indian government for spending millions of dollars on a statue of a man they had hardly ever heard of. The ignorance of the Western media when it comes to India is not surprising. All they know about India is the over population and its poverty but that is called stereotyping at its crudest.

Modern India is not the same as of yesteryears. It is no longer poor or starving and is growing at a mind-boggling rate to reach a multi trillion-dollar economy soon. It is a proud and self-sufficient country that manufactures everything it needs and then some. It has sent its vaccine to save millions of people in more than 100 countries and it feeds the world with the massive export of food grains like wheat and rice. Its economy is robust in spite of a 2-year pandemic of Corona virus and its military is very strong to deal with any external threats. Its space program has left behind many so-called developed nations by routinely sending missions to Mars and beyond using its own rockets and satellites. Indian scientists are second to none.

Due to his dedicated service to the nation, Sardar Patel will always live in the hearts of all patriotic Indians forever who bow to this great man when they look at the Statue of Unity built in his honor. The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue, with a height of 182 meters (597 feet), located in the state of Gujarat, India. If you ever get a chance to visit India, do visit the extraordinary site where the statue of Sardar stands.

Now watch this video made on the Statue of Unity of Sardar Patel in Gujarat ,India

Source: U tube video

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Allure of black money

Source : Google photo of black money found in raids on corrupt people in India

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Synopsis: Corruption is a global phenomenon that is destroying many economies. Some people steal public money to get rich but pay no consequence because of their political connections so their countries suffer. Many governments have tried and failed to curb corruption because it has become a part of their system that allows corruption to flourish. Now new methods are being adopted to punish the corrupt people so that they pay a high price for their sins.

Money illegally earned by the criminals is called the black money on which they pay no tax but use it to buy land, property like buildings, gold, silver and expensive cars. They build huge mansions on illegally acquired land and keep buying more land and properties in different cities or villages. They cannot keep their loot in the banks, so they keep it in their houses where they hide it in the ceilings or behind fake walls where it accumulates into staggering proportions.

Criminals are experts in finding new and often ingenious ways to make money but mostly it comes from their illegal business of extortion, kidnap for ransom, illegal business of drugs and alcohol, prostitution and casinos where the games are rigged in their favor. Their source of income can be as diverse as their imagination, but they also hire smart people who look for new ways to make money and launder it through offshore accounts. Their method of threats, violence and intimidation usually works but they also assure their impunity by buying off the policemen and the judges.

In Italy I was told that more than 60% of the economy is black that is unregistered. They pay no tax on it so you can imagine the loss of revenue the state suffers that could be used to develop the country. In India too there is a huge black economy because people are corrupt.

Even the most common people who have government or private jobs do not like to pay taxes when they can and feel no shame in it. If you go to a shop that sells gold jewelries and precious stones like diamonds, the shop owner will ask you if you want a receipt. The official receipt adds another 10% to the cost of what you buy which can be substantial if you are buying gold jewelries so most people do not want a receipt. This deprives the government of millions of Rupees worth of revenue. The shop owner pays a minimum tax based on a few receipts that some honest buyers ask for, so the corrupt system works in his favor.

The hunger for gold in India has given rise to a massive underground illegal business of gold smuggling that supplies the demand. The gold is smuggled into India from the Middle Eastern countries by dhows at night that unload on beaches somewhere at a predetermined place. The bandits quickly unload, pocket the money and depart to fool the Coast Guards who cannot keep an eye on thousands of kilometers of coastline. It is also smuggled through Nepal or from other neighboring countries through couriers or mules who get caught every now and then. The criminals also smuggle dangerous drugs like heroin and opium from Afghanistan.

A dhow is a slow-moving wooden boat built in the Middle Eastern countries as a fishing boat but not restricted to just fishing. There are thousands of such boats in the ocean so it is very difficult to check each one of them to see what they carry but some do get caught every now and then because the Coast guards now have fast motorboats that can outrun slow vessels. These bandits are usually heavily armed, so they often put up a fight if they are hiding something illegal like gold or drugs.

But today I want to write about the so-called officials who are educated and work as senior government officers carrying on important duties and are found in all branches of the government throughout the country. Some work as customs officers, others work as transport officers while others work as officers who control the contract or the permit process for massive infrastructure development everywhere costing billions of Rupees.

Recently a magistrate who was driving on a national highway noticed a long line of trucks at a check point, so he stopped to know the reason for the stoppage and found a man dressed as a policeman extorting money from each driver before he let him pass.

The Magistrate introduced himself and asked to see the police badge of the man who did not have a name plate on his uniform. When the magistrate asked him why he was extorting the truck drivers, he answered that the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) demands it and gets most of the money every day. He gives him a small amount for his effort. It is a well-known fact that many RTOs are corrupt and accumulate massive wealth through extortion.

The magistrate then asked the name of this RTO and his address and wrote down the fake policeman’s name as well to file a case of extortion against him. The magistrate called the police to arrest this man and asked him to pay back all the money he had collected to the remaining truck drivers. He told the drivers that there is now a corruption report hotline number they can call if they are extorted this way anywhere so that a mobile team can arrive and arrest the criminals.

He then ordered a raid to the villa of the RTO who had no knowledge of what was going to happen to him because his fake policeman was already in custody from where he could not warn his boss.

In India the raid is conducted by the Enforcement Directorate called ED when they are tipped off that a criminal is suspected of keeping massive amount of black money in his house. So, they descended on the fellow all of a sudden, sealed the house so that no one could escape and started to search.

What they found was beyond their wildest imagination. There were bundles of money stacked four feet deep that took 6 counting machines several days to count while the RTO kept mum and refused to answer any questions. He was arrested and taken away for questioning while the raiding team continued searching. They found money hidden in ceilings, behind walls and huge amount of gold jewelries hidden in huge bins of rice and wheat. It was a staggering sum of millions of Rupees that the man had accumulated and kept in the house and this amount kept on growing.

He had been at it for many years, so he acquired properties, hotels, shops, farmhouses etc. in various cities and rural areas throughout the State. They found many incriminating documents that showed the extent of his properties in the name of his servants and even the drivers he employed.

His money was confiscated by the government and all his properties seized to be auctioned off. His luxury vehicles were taken away to be sold off and the man was taken away for years of incarceration in a notorious jail somewhere. All this happened because an honest magistrate stopped to inquire why there was a long line of trucks waiting at a check point.

Watch this video on the illegal stash of money found in the RTO residence where 150 crores of Rupees were found. (150crore of Rupees amounts to 19.480519 million US dollars.)

Source : U tube video

Now another case was reported just yesterday where a senior government officer who was an IAS officer and who handled very important duties in the State of Jharkhand in India was arrested by the ED when they got a tip that this woman was hiding black money in her house. Again, the sum discovered was staggering and amounted to Millions of Rupees that were carted away to the government treasury and the woman arrested. She could not answer how she had accumulated so much money when her salary was known. Her husband also found to own a 14-story luxury hospital he has illegally built on a land of someone who was not paid for it.

So together this couple was running an illegal business and accumulating wealth of staggering proportion that they kept in their house. Such people are drunk with the power of their position, so they are very arrogant and treat their servants badly so often they call the police to inform that the owner is keeping huge amount of money there. The servants notice everything including the hidden places.

The people who pass the tough IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exams are chosen for the top government jobs with high salary, government furnished villas, gardeners, servants and driver for their official cars and many other perks. They are selected for their intelligence and are given the oath to serve the country loyally and honestly to serve the people to the best of their ability but some of them turn rogue as was the case I just mentioned.

She took advantage of her position as the administrator of the mining sector in the State to accumulate enormous amount of money from corruption. Jharkhand is a mineral rich state of India. Her husband could not answer how he got the money to build a 14-story luxury hospital and how his one room pathological testing center turned into a huge hospital so quickly. His hospital was raided, and many incriminating documents were found that will help prosecute the couple who now face years of jail time, bad food and hungry bed bugs for added measures. No punishment is severe enough if you ask me.

The ED did not stop there. They also raided the house of their accountant and found huge quantity of cash stashed there as well that the fellow could not account for. This man was helping launder the money but got caught. He had four luxury cars that the government confiscated and hauled the fellow to jail.

Now watch this video on the corrupt female officer in Jharkhand, Bihar

Source : U tube video

We hear of such raids almost daily in India that has netted the government huge amount of money but there are many more such corrupt people who are still outside the dragnet, but their time is limited. Sooner or later a disgruntled maid or a badly treated servant calls the police. Almost everyone carries cell phones these days that have evolved into smart phones with high resolution camera and can record photos or videos.

Such cameras are now a very valuable tool in the hand of the police that can record everything they see and transmit it wirelessly to any government office instantly or the court that prosecutes the criminals.

The question we should ask here is -Why a well-paid government officer who has a high position and is given all the perks that you and I cannot even imagine falls so low and becomes so corrupt? Why are they so tempted by the easy money they have to hide in their house and ceilings and think that they will never be caught someday and sent to jail? They should know that the fight to end corruption continues so many corrupt people will go to jail, and their properties will be seized.

These are called the white-collar criminals who take bribe or commission from government contracts when they are in charge of massive infrastructure projects nationwide. India spends billions of Rupees on such projects each year but how much of it is siphoned off by the corrupt officers? India spends a staggering sum of money for its defense modernization but what part of this money disappears in the pockets of greedy people?

Some officers are known to take huge amount of money from a job applicant as bribe so that the fellow gets a job. Multiply that by the thousands of job applicants and you will understand the degree of corruption and the amount of money some people make as bribe.

This person once employed then becomes corrupt so that he can recover the bribe money he had to pay and then some. There is no end to greed in human beings. (Read my blog here called A monster called corruption)

India is listed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but corruption is found in almost all the countries in various degrees that sap the world economy and enrich just a few people enormously. So, India is fighting corruption by using online payment for those who work for the government and by making accounting of public funds more transparent. Income tax people and the ED routinely raid the premises of corrupt people to confiscate millions of illegal Rupees.

The politicians often caught with illegal stash of money are brought to the courts only to get bail and a light reprimand, so they go on doing business as usual.

So now a Chief Minister of the most populous state in India has sent the bulldozers to destroy their illegal houses, malls and other properties. (Read my blog here called Criminals beware).

The corruption will be reduced only when people refuse to pay bribe and report the corrupt people by taking their videos and report to the authorities using hot lines. The honest officers will respond quickly.

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Criminals beware

Source : Google photo of criminals who surrender due to fear

Note : If you use Microsoft Edge as your browser , you can listen to this blog by clicking the A button in the browser after choosing a voice of your choice. In this case just select American English.

Synopsis: A serious disease requires serious medicine so India is now adopting a new method to eliminate crime and corruption in the country that is unprecedented but very effective. The blog looks at the efforts made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who has made fighting crime and corruption his top priority so that the state can make rapid progress.


There was a time in India when the criminals felt omnipotent. They could rape or murder anyone or take over land from someone forcefully to build illegal structures there. They could kidnap someone for ransom, they could run illegal business of drugs, prostitution and many such things. They carried arms openly and used it to kill or threaten people or even policemen.

The crime mafia flourished everywhere because they paid the police men and the politicians to look the other way so they had a free run. They filled the greedy pockets of corrupt people with their illegally earned money so that they would not take any actions against them.

But never in their criminal life had they ever thought that a day of reckoning was coming for them that would put them in jail or put them out of action for good. They never thought that anyone would dare to challenge them in any way because they felt omnipotent. They even challenged the courts and the justices and threatened them with death if they dared. It was just like in Sicily or in New York.

Their criminal activities reaped rich dividends for them so they became enormously rich that allowed them to hire people who did their dirty work while they lived in huge mansions with high walls and 24 hour security. They even pretended to be religious and visited temples, churches or mosques to show that they were law abiding people who donated some money to clean up their images but people were not fooled.

Their victims never forgot them although they were helpless because they never got justice for the wrong they were done by the mafia. The raped women cried silently because the policemen did not register their cases.

The farmers whose land was forcibly taken from them never got it back so they suffered. The business people were so frightened by the mafia that they meekly paid them the money they demanded. Anyone who defied was beaten up by the goons or killed. Slowly the whole country was divided up by the various mafia clans that sprouted like mushrooms everywhere. Each clan controlled a certain area for their activities and fought with any clan that encroached on their territory.

The Italian mafia people could have profited from this franchise that was freely operating in many countries with impunity but they had their own problems with the Italian authorities that has now started to prosecute them.

The problem of criminality in India is directly related to the systemic corruption in the society as such that allows individuals to profit from it so you will see policemen harassing truck drivers at make shift check points for money that they are forced to pay. The corrupt police men extort money from private vehicles as well on trumped up charges of illegal parking, speeding or any such frivolous issues. I have seen it myself.

The clerk in a government office demands bribe to do his job and smugly calls it the facilitation fee to your face. The vegetable, meat or fruit vendor short changes you and gives you less weight so there are all sorts of corruption everywhere. This happens in any society where people pay less attention to the morality and honesty and want to get rich using corrupt practices. The extortion racket starts to operate freely involving the criminals and the elected politicians as well who see easy money to fill their coffers because they can operate with impunity. No one dares to bring them to justice and put them behind bars. Those who try end up dead.

The hard core criminals are seen driven in their luxury cars accompanied by their well-armed goons so no policeman can give them a ticket for illegal parking or speeding because they are in their pay. The situation in India has gotten bad to worse in some parts.

A well-known criminal in Kanpur was tipped off by the station police chief who was in his payroll that a raid was about to be conducted in his villa to capture him so the mafia man put a bull dozer to block the access to his villa and turned off all lights. His goons then opened fire on the raiding team of unsuspecting policemen and killed eight of them in cold blood. They also escaped through a back alley including the mafia don.

So a massive manhunt started and the policemen eventually caught up with the wanted man in a neighboring state and gunned him down. His goons were also hunted down and killed in a statewide operation. The bulldozers razed their houses to the ground. The policeman who had tipped off the mafia fellow was arrested and is facing trial and long jail term but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are land mafia, coal mafia, drugs mafia, prostitution mafia, kidnap for ransom mafia and human and animal traffic mafia. There are child labor and slave labor mafia, illegal logging mafia, illegal animal skins mafia that decimates the wildlife population of tigers, lions and big cats all over India. Then there are car thieves and motorcycle thieves nationwide who operate in an organized way.

The weak justice system is partially to blame because even the judges are threatened if the mafia men are prosecuted. The lawyers who bring such cases to the court are brave indeed to do so because no one is safe. So the powerful criminals enjoy the impunity and go about their business unabated.

Then a very honest man was elected as the chief minister of the largest state called Uttar Pradesh who declared under oath to put all the criminals in jail and destroy their ill-gotten properties. He gave the order that any policeman found guilty of protecting the mafia will be sacked and will be brought to the court to face trial.

To make the criminals take him seriously he sent the bull dozers to destroy their villas, hotels, shops and other properties they had illegally acquired. He sent teams of officers to raid their premises and discovered millions of Rupees of cash, jewelries and documents that prove the ownership of properties in different cities and villages and seized them all to be auctioned off in favor of the state government. He froze their bank accounts and put in jail the bank officers who had allowed opening and maintaining of mafia accounts so the criminals were in deep trouble. He has prosecuted the corrupt government officials who in anyway aided or colluded with the criminals in exchange for black money.

The sure way to hit a mafia man is to take away all his money, destroy all his properties and put him in jail for trial in a criminal court, arrest all his goons and destroy their properties as well. This started a chain reaction throughout the state so many well established criminals fled to other states where corruption prevails and where they could buy off the politicians and the policemen who promised them protection for hefty sums of money.

The policemen were given order to shoot at sight the goons to injure them in their legs so that they could be interrogated to find out the details of their activities, how many others are involved and where to find them. Many people caught in the police dragnet quickly start to sing like canaries because of the third degree treatment they often receive. Indian jails have a reputation to live up to.

The chief minister Yogi has given order to prepare the list of all criminals in all the districts of the state to go after them systematically. He shows no mercy to anyone who violates the law and promises swift action against them so hundreds of criminals have started to surrender to their local police stations carrying a placard on their chest saying “Please don’t shoot, I surrender “ . Many big time mafia bosses are in jail facing years of trial but they have no more money to hire expensive lawyers to defend their cases.

Source: Google photo of criminals surrendering to the police in India

But what has shaken the big time mafia men to their roots is the fear of bulldozers coming their way. Their villas are razed to the ground and their luxury cars are flattened like cardboard boxes by the bulldozers while a group of drum beaters gleefully add spice to the whole operation.

The on lookers watch in amazement the destruction of huge mansions, hotels, malls and such properties of well-known and feared criminals who now beg for mercy and try to stop the machines but to no avail.

The Chief Minister Yogi has freed thousands of acres of illegally occupied land so far that he is now using to build the houses for the poor there. Some land has been returned to the lawful owners who finally saw justice done to them.

Source : Google photo of the illegal constructions being bulldozed.

Because of his tremendous popularity due to his zero tolerance policy toward the criminals and his help to the poor people, Yogi was reelected for a second term so his bulldozers are again active. His method of fighting crime and succeeding has caught the attention of the rest of the country so many chief ministers facing a surge in criminality in their states are also adopting the bulldozer method of Yogi. Calls are coming from abroad as well where they want a person like Yogi to solve their problems.

Yogi is fighting the crime upsurge on many fronts. When there is communal violence anywhere, the drones or the videos captured on cell phones trace and track the perpetrators and identify them so that they can be arrested. Then the bulldozers are sent to destroy their houses to send a strong message that throwing stones at the policemen or others of different faith will not be tolerated.

The courts have ordered that no mosques or temples will be allowed to disturb others using loudspeakers so thousands of mosques and temples have voluntarily removed their loudspeakers or have lowered the volume. It is now illegal for the Moslems to pray on the streets anywhere or bring out huge processions without permit.

Stone pelting on Hindus has stopped due to the fear of demolition of their houses and communal riots incited by the fanatic mullahs have stopped altogether.

The anti-romeo squads are now active in all districts that has put an end to the bad boys who disturb women and young girls with sexual harassment. When caught in their act, the bad boys are given a thorough beating on the spot and are asked to beg for forgiveness from the women they were harassing. Often the enraged women take it upon themselves to teach the bad boys some manners. Now they feel safer walking home in the evening or night because help comes their way after a phone call.

More and more policewomen are being recruited who are sympathetic to the rape victims so they take prompt action. Recently a man accused of rape was given a 24 hour ultimatum to surrender or else his house will be demolished so he came out of his hiding and surrendered.

Now the Modi government has started to work on a national data base that will record the identity of all bad people, their iris scan, finger prints and photo graphs so that this data is quickly available to the policemen anywhere in the country. They are supplied with computers, scanners and other such equipment so that they can upload their data to the national data system instantly or share their data with other states where a crime was committed. This will facilitate the capture and prosecutions of bad people easily.

The new laws have been enacted to require a National Identification System for every citizen so that the illegal immigrants who are often found to be involved in criminal activities are easily spotted and deported. In Uttar Pradesh, a new anti-terrorism center has been established that tracks the terror related activities of those who want to create trouble due to their fanatical hatred of Hindus and others. Such anti-terror centers are being established in many states that are equipped with the latest technology equipment to trace, track and record data on terror suspects.

But the problem of crime and corruption in many states persists where more work is needed to weed out the corrupt people and put them behind bars. The government sends raiding teams to discover and confiscate millions of Rupees of illegally gotten wealth stolen by the criminals. This money and gold jewelries are then used to build housing for the poor people or other such projects. The bank balances recovered are sent to the national treasury to rebuild the infrastructure nation wide.

So it takes a brave person like the Chief Minister Yogi to bring about a fundamental change in his state that has improved the law and order situation dramatically. Other states are taking notice and have started to apply the same methods. Now people who are even thinking of doing wrong know the consequences. Many have surrendered to the authorities and more are doing so everyday somewhere.

But it will take more than one person to clean up the whole country so the Modi government is working hard with all the state governments to solve the issue of crime and corruption together. U.P. is a stellar example of what can be achieved and replicated nationwide if serious leaders emerge who think of the country first and their own personal gains the last. Once they break the evil nexus of the politicians and the criminals, the country as a whole will make progress and not just in Uttar Pradesh. ( Read my blog here called The evil nexus of criminals and politicians here )

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